How to Win Georgia Lottery

Georgia lottery Cash 3 is the game to play right now. The Georgia lottery winning Cash 3 numbers are dropping right after the other.

They are playing straight, by the way. That is unheard of. If you are planning a quick weekend gate away, you may include Georgia. The least you can do is tell your friends and family over there.

The money Georgia lottery is paying out this time is huge.

I cannot remember the last time they played this group over such a short period of time.

The importance of the GA Cash 3 numbers playing straight for the readers who may not know, is that each winner pays about $500 on $1 straight win.

To give people the opportunity to make that kind of money three times in one week is unbelievable.

The good news is that the trend is not exhausted.

Winning Georgia Cash 3

The trend started with 523 that HIT on 8/4/2011. They couldn't wait for the customary extended period of time before dropping the next winner, 717 on 8/14/2011. That will be just ten days from the time Georgia lottery results played 523.

You must thank Georgia lottery for this opportunity. The fans can use that money. You would think that the next GA Cash 3 numbers might take a little longer and possibly play in any of the other six-way positions.

They continued the trend two days later with 132 that played straight on 8/16/2011. The next winning Georgia Cash 3 number that played is 812. The 812 HIT just one day apart on 8/17/2011.

This type of opportunity is unheard of.

Win Georgia Cash 3

The wonderful news you have been waiting for is here.

The next winning Georgia Cash numbers based on the trend are 735 and 840.

Please take note of the two Cash 3 winning numbers. They are going to play. The likelihood of those playing straight tilts towards you. I do advocate, however, playing those in the six- way position. You should at least cede the position to Georgia lottery.

The two winning GA Cash 3 numbers, 735 and 840 are going to play.

The same trend is now starting into Georgia Cash 4. They started with 2242 that played on 7/21/2011. The rest of the group is going to do the same thing that GA Cash 3 did in the above group.

You should not let this type of opportunity pass you by.

The payout on Georgia Cash 4 is about $5000 for each $1 straight winner.

This opportunity is in front of you every day.

You should take control by mastering how to use the trend. The method to winning GA Cash 4 consistently is by learning how to apply lottery Cornucopia Methods.

The readers planning quick vacation include Georgia and those in Georgia seize the opportunity.

They do not come very often.

This is your time.

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