If My Lottery Dreams Came True, Here Are the Five Ways My Life Would Change

Winning the lottery would be a dream come true. I’m a simple person with simple values so though a win like that would probably change my life in major ways, I would do my best to stay grounded. Thinking of going from rags to riches immediately brings to mind at least ten different ways I could spend my lottery winnings. First and foremost I would make sure to make a generous contribution to my church to show my appreciation for God and all the blessings He has brought to my life, including the big win.In addition to this contribution, I would set aside an amount of money that would be available for me to help others with. Rather than making a large donation to one or two charities, I would help in smaller ways so I could touch more lives. For instance, I may pay an electric bill for a friend one month, give a an unusually large tip to a server at a restaurant, pay for a stranger’s coffee or meal, or pick up the tab for someone’s prescription at a drug store. Hopefully by helping out in a small way everyday I would inspire others to pay the kindness forward.

Next, I would pay off all of my debt and my immediate family’s debt. I would be able to breathe easier and sleep better at night knowing that I no longer owed money for student loans, car payments, credit card debt or a mortgage. I don’t need a fancy house or an expensive car. Being debt free and giving that comfort to my loved ones would mean more to me than living in a mansion or driving a luxurious vehicle.

Additionally, I would set aside money for my son’s future to be used for college or life experience expenses such as his wedding or a trip to another country. I want to make sure he is taken care of as much as possible especially if something would ever happen to me or my husband.

Finally, I would spend some of the money on a long vacation for myself and my family. I would spend time on a beach enjoying fruity drinks decorated with tiny umbrellas away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a couple weeks. I would also make sure to pamper those who have helped to shape who I am today by treating them to the vacation of their choice as well.

I would hope my life wouldn’t change too drastically if I won the lottery since I’m happy without the money. It would certainly be a blessing though to finally find some financial comfort and peace for myself and my family.

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