Jerry Schad Has A Problem With The Removal Of Dennis Ward From The Amherst Democratic Committee

Schad and Ward

For three years I have informed the Amherst Democratic Committee that Dennis Ward no longer lives in Amherst.  He lives in Kenmore with his wife.

Dennis and I both are members of this Committee.  When someone moves out of the Amherst area they must leave the Committee.   Jerry Schad, Amherst Committee Chairman, has refused to remove Dennis Ward from the Committee due to personal reasons.

Dennis’ voting address is in Kenmore.  At  a fund raiser for Mark Manna he made a donation to Mark’s campaign.  He signed his address as Columbia Parkway, Kenmore.

Dennis is seeking a judgeship.  There will be five seats open seats for judges in the upcoming election.  Dennis knows it will be far better for him with fewer conflicts popping up when his name comes up for a judgeship, like “Where does he really live?”

That question is now solved.

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