Jerry Schad Wants to Bring Down

Feb. 17, 2019

Good Work Jerry. Try to take down the press.  It is the protector of the people.

Jerry Schad, Chairman of the Amherst Democratic Committee, has informed me he doesn’t want any his endorsed democratic candidates to have anything to do with Since he is the Chairman most of the candidates will follow his dictate but it will not bring down my site or voice.

Hopefully, the candidates who think for themselves will do so.

                     When the President of the United States tweets “THE RIGGED AND CORRUPT MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”


Jim Tricoli “I’feel his tweet is a threat to our country’s rights”. l

One Response to “Jerry Schad Wants to Bring Down”

  1. joe d. says:

    This is why politics SUCK!! The “dictatorship” of one political boss will rule all the A$$ kissing candidates… so they too can have their strings pulled …and I thought the wanna be elected candidates had the best interests of the voters/citizens in mind…must be I am dreaming …reality!