Jim’s Vision Lives On

Dear AmherstTimes Readers,

Jim’s passing was a heartbreaking moment for all of us.

The AmherstTimes was very important to Jim, and a number of his friends have come together to maintain it moving forward. Our goal is to build on his vision of creating a site where all residents of Amherst can be kept up-to-date on important developments in the town that do not receive enough attention in the local media and impact the lives of all town residents.

For Jim, for the truth, for all of us, the AmherstTimes continues.


Friends of Jim

5 Responses to “Jim’s Vision Lives On”

  1. Sandra says:

    I was hoping this site would keep operating. Jims vision lives on. Thank you for doing this.

  2. John Snyder says:

    Good news. Very good news. We all need a venue to express satisfaction and dis-satisfaction with what goes on in our town and elsewhere. Town meetings do very little to really make a difference.

  3. Alex says:

    Having this venue to expose the sausage making at town hall is vital to the well being of the town and its people for today and for the future.

    Jim understood the importance of that and endeavored to do it for 30 plus years. I am relieved that “Friends of Jim” have stepped forward to continue the mission.

  4. linda tricoli says:

    Thank you for continuing my father in law’s vision. He is up in heaven cheering you on with his big heart

  5. Dan Ward says:

    Great news – Jim was a fearless public advocate – and relentless searcher for the facts and digger for the Truth – he kept Amherst officials on their toes – and out of the taxpayers’ pockets for many a year –while he did all this as a free public service , it was a function that is irreplaceable – just not enough other local press or media to cover it all – and Jim did all of this – for us – gratuitously – RIP Jim and thank you for all your earthly service – I am sure you have moved on – and up – to heaven – probably working on St. Michael’s Times by now !