Judge Mark Farrell Was An Extraordinary Man

Sept. 8, 2019

They buried Amherst Town Justice Mark Farrell from St. Joseph’s University Church in North Buffalo last weekend, and we’re sure he was remembered as a distinguished and accomplished jurist.

But Farrell, who died Aug. 26 of cancer, was also a good man who recognized wrong when he saw it. Back in 2002, he told The Buffalo News the price in money and politics of gaining the local Democratic Party’s nomination for a State Supreme Court candidacy.

He called it “the most demeaning and draining” experience of his life. He acknowledged playing the game, and accepted its eventual price.

But Farrell was also a man of principle, who recognized that Supreme Court nominations had become ensnared in a web of money and politics far removed from the ideals that should guide such a revered and respected position in our society.

Farrell told The News that in order to win the endorsement in 1999, he felt forced to contribute to campaigns and causes dear to Steve Pigeon, then the Erie County Democratic chairman. That meant buying tickets to virtually every political fundraiser the chairman sent his way.
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Comment from J. Tricoli – Editor of Amhersttimes.com

I had written a story back in June that told my readers about the intermingling of money and politics at such a high level in the Justice arena. When you Sell Your Honor for Greed…”

“I asked Judge Drury when he was trying to get or keep his judgeship if he had to pay $5000 to the head of the Democratic party to be considered. He said yes. He also said it shouldn’t be this way.”

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  1. jjtric says:

    It hasn’t changed.Politial hacks become judges because of their loyalty to their politcal party. There are excellent judges who didn’t buy their judgeships.

  2. post says:


    Judge Mark Farrell Was An Extraordinary Man