Legislator Ed Rath III Wins For The Second Year In A Row


This year’s pick as the most useless, do-nothing member of our Erie County Legislature was an easy choice, Ed Rath III.

The name brings to mind a family of politicians who have a history in our local government.  Ed has kept up the family tradition of being a man who avoids controversial matters at all cost.  He never initiated any action which would help the citizens of his district.  Most people have little or no idea what district Ed Rath III even represents.

If you find his e-mail address you can send him a message and ask if he knows who he was elected to serve. I’m pretty sure he will find out the answer and e-mail back but don’t hold your breath.

Ed Rath III has everything he needs to go up the political ladder and be a big nothing.  He has the look of a preppie politician who learned from other useless politicians like Congressmen Chris Lee, Tom Reynolds, Tom Paxon, Chris Collins and of course his dear and wonderful relatives. His grandfather was a 33rd Degree Mason, who gave more money to his Lodge than any other Mason.

Ed Rath III is a lucky man who won’t have to do anything of importance to be re-elected.  If voters have the time to check out his achievements they would be entering a maze of nothingness. (It’s a joke!)  Achievements he  may list could be wears a smile well, has a good haircut, wears clothes well, and above all these “achievements” – he wears the Rath name on his sleeve.

The best thing to help Ed Rath III become useful would be for him to lose the upcoming election and find a job where they never heard the name Rath.  An honest, non political job where he has to earn the respect of his fellow workers.

Achievements he had a few to few to mention but what the heck.

  • Held the line on taxes————–Holy mackerel
  • Closed District Offices————–Unbelievable
  • Downsized the Legislature from 15 to 11–remarkable
  • Removed County from costly mandated services————–He will soon name those services
  • Rebuilt infrastructure on Maple Rd. and Wehrle Dr.————And he didn’t have lift a pick or shovel
  • Created “Silver Alert” to protect WNY Seniors——————-Great now I can use these at the hockey rink in Amherst.  Grandpa, it said Silver Alert not silver skates, please get extra money so you buy a hearing aid.  Ask Ed Rath III to help you.  You can tell him what you told me, that you once were a 4th DEGREE COMMANDER CODY CIVIL SERVICE PROTECTOR OF THE PEOPLE DURING A WAR!





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