Letter: We Cannot Criticize Others When Developers Strip Land

Sept. 7, 2019

As a retired architect, I always thought of myself as a steward of the built environment, one who took design by code very seriously.

But, more than that, we as architects are also stewards of the environment we place our structures in. That means paying homage to the land as well as the client.

We criticize the burning of the Amazon rainforest and yet, what is it that we do here that is any different when preparing a site for a new structure?

The first thing that contractors and developers do is to strip the landscape in order to make construction easier.

Look at most malls and plazas and you will see only a token of green space as mandated by law.

When new housing goes up, what is the landscape like? Flat, barren, devoid of flora and fauna.

What was once thriving woodland has given way to a barren lot, or an asphalt jungle, under the guise of new development.

We dare to criticize others who do the same thing in the name of progress.

What is good for the goose should be good for the gander and stricter legislation needs to be passed governing just how much green space is to be sacrificed in the name of progress.

A parking island with grass and flowers hardly quantifies as green space when you consider the benefits of what was lost when trees were removed from a construction site.

Until we manage our own backyard, it hardly seems responsible to criticize others without practicing what we preach.

Charles Carter


2 Responses to “Letter: We Cannot Criticize Others When Developers Strip Land”

  1. Peter says:

    Timely letter from Akron calling out developers and public servants for allowing
    development on green space when so much developed property stands vacant.

    Common sense says they are engaged in trading short term profit (for them) for long term loss for the people and environment.

  2. Charles says:

    Something to think about as the profiteers continue “in trading short term profit (for them) for long term loss for the people and environment.” Lying their way all the way to the bank.