Lois Weinstein, 73, Directed Holocaust Resource Center

Jan. 8, 2020

Lois Weinstein, 73, directed Holocaust Resource Center

Lois Weinstein was shopping with her daughters at a mall in the late 1970s when a sales clerk, not knowing the family was Jewish, asked what the girls wanted Santa to bring them.

“Well, they had been good,” she told Buffalo News reporter Paula Voell in 2007, “But still Santa wasn’t going to bring them anything. So they were upset. And here were these nice little girls and it was so unfair. They’d say, ‘Why can’t Santa come? I’ve been good.’

“At that time, I wasn’t equipped to give an answer,” she said, “and in trying to find a way to do it, instead I found a void.”

Her research to find an answer led her to write “Explaining Christmas to the Jewish Child,” a first-of-its-kind booklet she published in 1981.

Adopted by temple schools and synagogue libraries in many states and Canada, it sold 10,000 copies. It also served as a guide for introducing Jewish traditions to Christians.

Mrs. Weinstein went on to become director of Buffalo’s Bureau of Jewish Education for three years and executive director of the Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo for eight years.

“She was in the forefront of Jewish-Christian relations,” said her husband, former Amherst Supervisor Dr. Barry A. Weinstein. “She was very knowledgeable and worked with a lot of Christian educators. She spoke at churches and gave tours at Temple Beth Zion.”
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