Mark Poloncarz Had His Run. Now Its Time for a Fresh Mind

Nov. 3, 2091

Most politicians have a certain shelf life. It’s evident Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has reached his zenith and it’s clearly time for him to move on to other things.  He must be getting bored just doing ceremonial tasks like putting a shovel in the ground when the State or some other group is planning to put up a new building in Erie County which he had nothing to do with.

In his ads he doesn’t lie about bringing more jobs to Erie County, he simply never says anything about bringing more jobs to Erie County.

Mark now is more into ‘created jobs’ for his devoted followers who have donated money to his campaigns throughout his years of running for office.  It’s common for leaders in the political arena to give their donors and friends jobs so they will be there as workers to ensure the person who gave them their jobs stays in office.

Mark has moved beyond this practice. He actually created a job where one didn’t exist before, like his creation of the job for Mike Szukala, who has donated large sums of money to Mark’s campaigns. Mark gave a job to Mike called ‘Inspector General of New York’, for which he set Szukala’s salary at over $103,000, but a problem arose when Mark was informed that this title was already a real job and the job was filled. So Mark changed Szukala’s title to ‘Inspector General of Medicaid.’

Mark needs more time in the real world.

2 Responses to “Mark Poloncarz Had His Run. Now Its Time for a Fresh Mind”

  1. James Pierce says:

    You have a personal obsession with Poloncarz, because he is close to Schad. Just admit it.

  2. Walt says:

    Maybe if he loses the election, the Town Supervisor can find him a place in his administration now that some employees have been aloud to keep their jobs even though they do not meet the residency requirements