Maybe We Can’t Stop All Of These Tragedy’s But We Can Try Harder

In the future will this baby be screaming as he or she is running away from a shooter?

This morning’s tragedy in Thousand Oaks, CA, which is 54 miles from LA, happened in the 4th safest city in America. A man walked into a bar where college kids were having a western style night. The man walked in and pulled out a gun and began shooting at random. He killed 12 young people and one brave police officer who ran into the hall within seconds of hearing shots.

Police Sergeant Ron Helus was a policeman for 29 years and was going to retire in a few months. He ran into the bar and was quickly shot several times before a fellow officer pulled him out of the line of fire. Sargent Helus leaves behind a wife and a son. He passed away at a local hospital.

The killer was identified as 28-year-old Ian David Long, a former machine gunner and decorated combat veteran of the war in Afghanistan who authorities said had an episode of erratic behavior last spring that they were told might be post-traumatic stress disorder but nothing could be done because there is a law in California a persons can’t be taken in to be checked out unless he was deemed to be a threat to himself or anybody .

This wasn’t a terror attack but an army veteran who probably was suffering from the effects of being in combat and seeing what he saw. He may have developed problems that needed help quickly and badly.

The need for more money to work with these soldiers who are suffering from different forms of mental problems is paramount.

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