Mr. Zellner, Are You Ever Going to ‘Fess Up’ to the Truth?

July 30, 2019

I have called Mr. Zellner six times without him being available to talk. I have sent him e-mails requesting a sit down with me to explain what happened to the money that was under his watchful eye.

His lack of response clearly shows his fear of being questioned by an honest reporter.

Party leaders like Mr. Zellner should explain to the people what happened to their donations to the Democratic party. Mr. Zellner is protected by everyone from the Governor down to our local leaders.

There are rewards for the party faithful. Mr. Zellner will soon be given a juicy top job in New York’s government. He is also being groomed to run against Robin Schimminger, an Assemblyman from our area.

Zellner sold his integrity and honor for the short time he will be on this earth, and then the real questing will begin.

What you have heard so often lately is true, “Nobody is above the law.”

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