MusicalFare promised the use of NEW Theater Building

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MusicalFare and the Town of Amherst appears to ensure the Town of Amherst will build a theater facility for their use even if the effort to acquire the Westwood property from Mensch Capital Partners fails. The details are contained in the MOU document attached to Resolution 2020-797 Memorandum of Understanding with Musical Fare (CRS #2198) at the link labelled (MusicalfareMOU-09292020120504).

The Town of Amherst has apparently assured MusicalFare that a new theater structure will be built at the Audubon Recreational Facility (“Option 2”)  if the originally targeted site on the Westwood property (“Option 1”) is not possible. Since commercial development has already started on the alienated portion of the Audubon Recreational Complex before the Town of Amherst has acquired the Westwood property, this should not surprise anyone.

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