Ohio Store Clerk Wins $1 Million in Lottery

According to the Associated Press, a 32 year-old BP store clerk named Kristina Schneider bought the last Magnificent Millions lottery ticket in the North Canton, Ohio, store she was working. She had previously joshed about the last lottery ticket on a roll being a sure winner. And this time, it was no tease. Kristina Schneider came to work on Friday May 18, 2007, and left work a millionaire after purchasing the last lottery ticket on a roll. Sounds so simple, doesn't it?But it almost didn't happen.

Prior to purchasing the winning ticket, the Associated Press reports Kristina Schneider encouraged one of her BP store customers to buy the remaining Magnificent Millions lottery ticket. The customer had already bought three of the lottery tickets at a cost of $10 a piece, for a total of $30. So understandably, the customer replied to Schneider's suggestion by saying he could not afford the last $10 ticket.

Luckily for Kristina Schneider though, she could afford to shell out the $10 required for the last chance at a magnificent million dollars. Upon realizing she had actually won the $1 million grand lottery prize, Schneider says she had to shut herself in the store restroom from being sick over the shock of winning. And I imagine she is not the only one who felt like upchucking after realizing the last Magnificent Millions lottery ticket actually was the grand winner. It is easy to see the "if only" thoughts making a mad run through the customer's head who passed up on the last ticket Schneider encouraged him to buy. If only he was as lucky as Kristina Schneider.

Not only was Schneider lucky her customer did not take her suggestion to buy the last lottery ticket due to a lack of funds, but she was lucky to have been able to afford the ticket herself. Kristina Schneider might have not bought that last Magnificent Millions lottery ticket had she not earlier found a $10 bill in the store. If ever there was a need for the expression "finders keepers, losers weepers", this might be it.

I would not expect any tears, except tears of joy, from Kristina Schneider though. One million dollars will certainly go a long way in helping Schneider pay off her nine credit cards and an almost nine thousand dollar school debt she says she owes; not to mention the fact she is also a single mom.

Kristina Schneider says she chose to be paid the one million dollar winnings over the next twenty years instead of choosing the lump sum so she is less likely to go broke again. After taxes, Schneider should receive $34,500 per year until the age of 52. Not bad for a day's work.

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