One Million Trees or Tree Hypocrite?

Supervisor Kulpa’s Plant One Million Trees initiative is a laudable goal and has won accolades around town. However, this effort is poised to be undermined before tree one is planted by the Town Board appointees on the ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS at their meeting on Tuesday night.

Northtown Automotive continues to land grab any available space near its ever expanding Sheridan Drive sea of asphalt. Recently, Northtown paved over its newly acquired properties located at 3890-3930 Sheridan Drive & 621 Getzville Road from its frontage on Sheridan Drive all the way back to the 290. The completed project was required, under zoning code 7-2-4 (A) & 7-2 4(A)(2), to have installed landscaped screening on the parcels northern edges. In typical arrogant-developer manner, Northtown ignored the landscaping requirements and, when called on their non-compliance by the town landscape architect, they filed an after-the-fact variance request to retroactively approve their bad behavior ignoring the tree planting requirements.

It would clearly be the height of hypocrisy if the Kulpa appointed ZBA approves this outrageous request and lets Northtown skate on meeting basic landscaping requirement in place for all projects.

Hey, Northown, we are not only Not coming there first, we’re not coming there at all unless you start acting like a good neighbor. Plant the trees as required and rescind the variance request.

4 Responses to “One Million Trees or Tree Hypocrite?”

  1. Nancy says:

    Shameful, Northtown!

    Thank you, Amherst Times, for bringing this issue to light. The Town didn’t have anything on their website.

    In 2016, Northtown Subaru/Hyundai at 3675 Sheridan Dr. tried to get Supervisor Weinstein to enter into a long-term lease with the Town to use part of Garnet Park that ran parallel to Northown’s property line for—you guessed it—more parking!

    The dirty secret was that Northown had been encroaching into Garnet Park for years by parking cars and dumping garbage. The dealership only requested the lease because they got busted. I vowed in 2016 to never give Northtown our business. This latest egregious act of Northown’s cements my boycott.

  2. Andy says:

    Don’t they park used cars at Westwood too? I think that’s Northtown. Another sleight of hand by the appointed ZBA who approved a temp use permit several years ago to paper over more bad behavior. That permit should be expiring. Some sleuth should look into that. Northtown is a bad neighbor. Plant the trees.

  3. Mike says:

    How hard can it be to plant some pines? The money Northtown spent on an attorney & application fees to fight this could have paid for a bunch of them.

  4. Lois says:

    “Tree Hypocrite” would be more accurate. These people, having the audacity to even pull this stunt, demonstrates how much they have been allowed to get away with, in the march to debase a whole section of town, without check. The only attractive, calming stretch on Sheridan from North Forest to NFB is Westwood. And, we still do not know what is planned for it, since part of it is also being used as another ugly parking lot.

    Planting a million sapling and seedling trees in five years to compensate for the past clearing of trees for development is admirable. But not while simultaneously permitting a million+ mature trees to be clear cut to make room for more development. The concept is self-defeating. How does that square with conservation and protecting the environment, long and short term?

    Why aren’t the original developments, many standing vacant with vast parking lots, being utilized? Looks like see-through tree hypocrisy, at its worst.