Planning Board meeting on Zoom

Planning Board Meeting on Zoom – {Meeting ID: 829 0760 9647} {Passcode: 298570}

The Amherst Planning Board meets today Sept 17, 2020. So why start the Planning Board Zoom meeting at 5:30 pm when it “OFFICIALLY” starts  at 6:30 pm? Is the Planning Board going to meet in secret at 5:30 pm? If the public attempts to login to the Planning Board meeting at 5:30 pm, will they be prevented from doing so?

Also the difficult to find and sparely attended for the public work session starts at 6 pm. The 6 pm “public” work session was the time the Planning Board used to discuss each item on the agenda. and get advise from the Amherst Planning Department about them . Effectively it was a private meeting the Planning Board enjoyed until eventually a few people discovered this, and started attending this meeting.

Public trust of the Planning Board is crucial, and if there is a secret portion of the Planning Board meeting where they discuss any items on the agenda, that trust would be lost.


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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Tried to login to this meeting at 5:30 pm, but had not yet started. Tried again at 5:40 pm, and logged in successfully with “Spectrum News” and “Rachel” already connected.

    Less than a minute later was kicked off by host,and was prevented from connecting until the start of the 6 pm work session.

    When work session began at 6 pm, the Zoom meeting already had many participants.

    In my opinion it appears that some sort of meeting was held via Zoom privately before 6 pm. Who attended and what was discussed is a mystery, but what is clear is that the Planning Director knows and the public was not welcome.

  2. Phil says:

    Congratulations Amherst,

    Now you have a government just like Washington D.C.

    Government run by and for the 1%

  3. AARON says:

    Jim Tricoli’s blog is the only place we seem to be getting the awful truth of what is going on at Town Hall. Our elected officials and their army of sycophants are abusing their power, plain and simple.There areno checks and balances. One-party-rule, in this town, is holding citizens hostage, with no end in sight.

    Operating their “operation-screw-the-stakeholders-and-taxpayers” while endeavoring to shut their voices down, during a Pandemic, only serves to expose the abuse and corruption.

    Williamsville people are fighting the same dynamic with the School Board as the people in Amherst are with the Town Board. “They are in their bunkers and not listening to the people.” Claiming that they have “talked with the people is a “lie.” Kulpa claiming the same is a lie. Amherst residents were not informed of the swap, in its current form. The one they are fast tracking, at unprecedented speed, the one the Traffic Safety Board was appalled that they would even present such a half-assed application that will endanger the lives and property of anyone near the development. And, this is what we get from the so-called “experts” that Kulpa continues to hire, on the taxpayer’s dime??

    Kulpa, now putting the onus on the Feds to bail him out is laughable. Maybe he hasn’t heard that the Feds and other States are not eager to bail out States whose officials have proven to be irresponsible and incompetent.

  4. Don Lukas says:

    How about kulpa remember all the new jobs he created for his democrat friends and cronies…
    Chief of staff ….$85,000 new created position
    Dir of Eco Dev….$75,000 new created position
    Coordinator of Fed & state aid…..$52,000 new created position
    Dir of Finance…..over $100,000 new created position
    Project manager for dept of finance …..$30/hour new created position
    Resource Coordinator….$78,000 new created position
    Deputy Town Clerk….$62,000 never has there been 3 deputies

    I am probably missing a few others…but kulpa always uses he’s architecture and planning speak saying how and why these jobs are needed and are important…and amazingly of everyone who was hired they are registered Democrats, he does it just like the incompetent polncarz who only hires democrats too
    It’s amazing how the bee or the buffalo news has been silent on all this

  5. Recall Kulpa says:

    Don Lukas,

    Excellent points.

    Where is the Buff News and Bee?

    Kulpa grants Developers millions of dollars in tax break gimmicks like the “Tourist Hotel” on Amherst Manor Drive and creates new Town positions but who will pay for all this misuse of taxpayer dollars?

    Kulpa has become our local Trump rewarding his Developer Racketeers while twisting Amherst government to his own purposes.

    Recall Kulpa.

  6. Michael says:

    This is the AMHERST blog. No need to compare national with the petty, crooked, local politics.

    Kulpa is in a class all his own. We should be so lucky as to have honesty and transparency (like it or not) infused into what is going on, locally. Kulpa is transforming a whole section of Amherst, creating an unhealthy, unsafe environment for thousands of people along North Maplemere and Maple Rd. Not to mention, taking ball fields and the Audubon golf course. All done with minimal information available to the public, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Additionally, it smacks of conflicts of interest among the “experts” coming from questionable sources, including Kulpa.

    The Zoom meetings are a joke and fall into a contrived, crooked paradigm. No wonder they do not want a fully functioning, honest “ethics” board. There could be a problem finding those with ethics flexible enough to serve their purposes.

    They are all failing us. All of them ran on saving and respecting all people, green space, neighborhoods, environment. Look at the abysmal record of Kulpa, McMahon, Berger, Zookala, Bucki, Lavin. They have proven they used devious rhetoric to get elected to serve themselves and/or their string pullers.

    They should all be recalled. They have abdicated their foremost responsibility to all people and their quality of life.

    Come November, we can start changing the dreadful results of having no checks or balance in local government. Say “NO” to Berger for the State Senate seat. Say “NO” to McMahon for the Assembly seat. They have had their chance and have chosen to work against the people’s best interest and doubled down on riding roughshod over them, during a crisis.

  7. Don Lukas says:

    Don’t worry all, the chickens will come home to roost for kulpa, Berger and lavin next year if they decide to run….Amherst tax payers will find out how he has pillaged the towns finances for his friends and has raised taxes for 3 straight years…it’s going to be ugly for them

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