Planning Board Meeting Thursday May 21st

Source: Z-2020-05_500 Maple Rd_052120_Drawings

Just a reminder that the Planning Board will hold five PUBLIC HEARINGS this Thursday May 21st at 6:30 pm via Zoom video conferencing.


The last two public hearings concern the preparation of 14.97 acres of the Audubon recreational area for sale to a private owner. The fourth public hearing is to discuss if the Comprehensive Plan should be amended to allow this rezoning (RC to CF).  Expect a quick positive vote with little discussion so they can move on to the main event of the evening, the rezoning request.

The fifth and final public hearing is to discuss the rezoning of a portion of 500 Maple Rd (Audubon) by Audubon Park MOB LLC, petitioner. Also expect a rather quick positive vote with little discussion. The deal to get a UBMD facility built on this parcel has been in the works for months. Over a year ago the town’s started the process to request that the State grant the alienation 93 acres of Audubon property in anticipation of selling some or all of it.

One Response to “Planning Board Meeting Thursday May 21st”

  1. Phil says:

    Just got my annual Sweet Home 2020-21 budget projection. Surprise, surprise, school taxes are going up.

    Sure would be nice to have someone (Town Supervisor Kulpa) step in and reverse the $1,100,000 tax break the Amherst Hampton Inn received for their “Tourist Attraction” scam. Think about that when you’re paying your Sweet Home School Taxes and ask yourself does the Amherst IDA run the Town – and the Board?

    Was Kulpa asleep at the wheel on this one? There’s a saying which goes “You can’t wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep”.