Please Pray for the Young Man Who Fell Off a Student Housing Dorm During a Drinking Fiasco

Sept 4, 2018

James Tricoli

This type of party usually ends up with someone being raped or seriously injured. There has to be some sort of counseling on a large scale for all students to help them understand the difference between a party and a drunken orgy.

This a photo of the student housing called “The Villas” on Rench Rd. I was told by UB Security police that nearly every weekend a party is held in one or more of these apartments or other student apartments. This past weekend a student party was held there. Hundreds of students were given appearance tickets for being intoxicated. They will have to appear in the Amherst Town Court.

One young student, age 20 from Westchester County, fell off the roof of one of these three story buildings. When the police arrived the young man was unresponsive and feared dead. He was taken to ECMC in serious condition.

Where was security in this dorm as hundreds of students were having this wild party? Who set up the party? When the developer of the dorms came before the Town Board I asked the developer how security people would be handled in every dorm. He said one per dorm floor. What happened? Was he or she sleeping or weren’t they there that night?

It’s clear as clean running water that the developer must make changes in their security methods. Those changes need to happen now, before one of our young people die from drinking too much or is raped or falls down stairs as a drunk piece of human flesh and breaks their neck.

If this young man is permanently impaired from this fall off the roof, what a tremendous loss for him and all his loved ones who believed he went to college to learn not to learn to fall off a roof drunk as hell.

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