Proposed Subdivision on Gleason’s Tree Farm

Alexis Alf posted the following message on the site:

My initial message generated many responses. There is no question that the Gleasons property is zoned for residential housing. However, the Town of Amherst must ascertain if they have capacity to provide infrastructure (sewage, water etc),; impact on local roads, environmental issues etc. If the new subdivision is comprised of patio homes, Amherst tax income is lower than a typical residential home, which means tax revenue from the new structures are lower than optimal. The neighbors immediately adjacent or very close to Gleasons will be living with dust, dirt and noise for the duration of the building process, from initial infrastructure work to the final nails hammered into the last house built. Air quality, noise issues and general quality of life are valid neighborhood concerns. I have been told that the Builders of the proposed subdivision are a quality outfit. If their subdivision wins approval to build, they will hopefully work with the neighborhood to mitigate concerns. I urge everyone to attend the upcoming Planning Board meeting to hear details of the proposed subdivision. A neighbor on Jordan Road has offered his business’ conference room for an informal meeting to have a neighborhood discussion. The meeting will probably be on Thurs.,Jan 24, in the evening. I will deliver a detailed invitation to homeowners adjacent to Gleasons the week of Jan. 20.

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  1. John Snyder says:

    Here we go again! Complain about what a citizen wants to legally do with his own money. Government lead by entitled protesters should direct other’s assets to their whims.

    Protesters, you buy it and you preserve the green space forever. You’ll have the same rights and protections as the current owner.

    If you can’t afford to do that you can’t have it. Simple. Westwood too.

  2. walt says:

    So it appears that this property is properly zoned for residential use. So why can’t someone develop this property if they meet all he legal requirements to do so? I also believe that if you live adjacent to property like this and do not want to have it developed, you should have purchased this like a group of homeowners in another part of Amherst did a couple of years ago to prevent a development behind their established houses in a subdivision off Sheridan Dr.

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