Pushing the Envelope

This year Amherst property owners received something a little different with their tax bill—return envelopes with a former Town Clerk’s name haphazardly blacked out. Both eco-friendly and cost saving, use of the old administration’s envelopes was the right thing to do.

However, it raises the question: Why are tax payers made to foot the bill for thousands of personalized envelopes for every newly elected Town Clerk? Our tax payments have safely arrived at the Clerk’s Office these past few weeks without a politician’s name on the top line to guide them—proof that the personalized, vanity envelopes we’ve all become accustomed to are in fact not critical to successfully fulfilling the tax collection duties of that office.

This act of publicly subsidized electioneering is completely unnecessary and should come to an end.

Update: This editorial also appears in the Amherst Bee February 25, 2020, Edition: Letters to the Editor as “Money could be saved on tax envelopes“.

One Response to “Pushing the Envelope”

  1. Sandra says:

    The clerk was wise to do this. My guess she was blacking out Marjory Jaegers name. Zeplowitz was confronted with the same problem in his short tenure. But your point is will taken.
    If a return envelope is provided at all, it would be prudent to be a generic one, delivered to Town Hall, to the Receiver of Taxes. Likewise the tax payment should be payable to the town clerk/receiver of taxes.