Put Eminent Domain to Use to Keep Westwood Green

Sept. 10, 2019

by Phil Parshall

Amherst is at a critical point – hopefully a turning point.

The fifth-largest population center in New York State, bigger than Albany and only 16,000 behind Syracuse, needs to make a vital decision. Concede as usual to developer greed and let them ruin the beautiful Westwood property or end the relentless overdevelopment of Amherst by protecting Westwood with eminent domain.

Eminent domain has been abused lately as developers have misrepresented their pipelines, apartments, multi-use whatever’s, as “being in the public interest,” but profits always seem to end up in their pockets – it’s confiscating private land for corporate profit. But in the case of Westwood, the outcome being a public park, it would seem to be exactly what eminent domain was created for.
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4 Responses to “Put Eminent Domain to Use to Keep Westwood Green”

  1. Marvin says:

    Unfortunately, Town official’s poor decisions have left us with a high likelihood that Mensch would sue and win if the Town started eminent domain proceedings. The Town’s abandonment of parkland designation for Audubon and our other green space has made it more likely we will lose parkland in any deal. The current supervisor has put us all in a difficult position by interfering with the approval process, like he’s Mensch’s project manager. He really is in over his head.

  2. Doug says:

    I don’t know enough about eminent domain to comment. However, I do know that everyone understands how ultra greedy developers can destroy a town little by little using the money they accumulate through subterfuge to buy off anyone and everyone that stands in their way. Suing or threatening to is their stock in trade.

    If the misnomered, fraudulent mensches purchased land without the right zoning, how can they expect to change it because they decide it does not fit their agenda? That arrogance would not work for any of us nor would any of us try.

    The misnomered, fraudulent mensch bunch takes the cake. They should be driven out of town on a rail by everyone who has suffered through the consequences of their naked greed.

  3. John Snyder says:

    COSTS? TAXES? How much will acquisition, development, and annual maintenance increase our property taxes?

  4. Don Luke says:

    To all the democrats and people pushing for eminent domain….be careful what you wish for