Reassessment Cancellation in Cheektowaga Creates Divide

Oct. 7, 2019

Cheektowaga Town Hall. (News file photo)
Cheektowaga Town Hall.

It’s never a popular decision when a municipality sets out to reassess all its properties because residents believe a higher assessment means a higher property tax bill.

Cheektowaga officials are learning that canceling a reassessment also might not be a popular decision.

Town officials and residents are continuing to grapple with fallout from the unexpected cancellation of a townwide reassessment. The reassessment, the first since 2014, was approved in April and required the town to pay the firm of Emminger, Newton, Pigeon & Magyar $590,000 in installments over four years beginning with $310,000 this year, $80,000 each of next two years and $120,000 the final year.
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