RESOLUTION 2018-398 on Tonight’s Agenda

Mar. 19, 2018

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Senior Deputy Town Attorney
Please appoint Jeffrey Marion, Esq. to Senior Deputy Town Attorney at a salary set for
Senior Deputy Town Attorney on the 2018 Exempt Non-Department Head Salary Schedule, Grade 1, Step A, at an annual salary of $83,333.75 effective March 20, 2018. This is on the today agenda packet under Human Resoures


The below article is written by James Tricoli

The above resolution is in the agenda for the March 19, 2018 Town Board meeting.

Here is the truth about how the town lawyers were chosen by our Town Board.

To begin with, Mr. McCarthy, Director of Human Resources, didn’t interview any person for this very important position.  Mr. McCarthy NEVER interviewed Mr. Marion.

Amherst needs a lawyer who has experience in Land Used and Municipal law. Mr. Marion has no experience in either of these areas so, Amherst has had to farm out over $500,ooo to other outside firms to deal with these cases.

There are very capable lawyers who have experience in land Used and Municipal law but it is now known that Mr. Zellner, Chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party, informed Jerry Schad, head of the Amherst Democrats, to tell the new Amherst Town Board the names of the four lawyers that would be chosen to serve Amherst.  They were chosen because of the work they have done for the party.

Four members of our Town Board have leaked this information out. The disgusting hand of Mr. Schad giving patronage jobs to the present Town Lawyers has cost Amherst thousand of dollars.

The people of Amherst must request an explanation from each Board member as to their understanding of how the names of these 4 lawyers were brought to them. There should be a process in place so the board members might interview all lawyers who applied for these positions and who have the credentials our town needs.

I love Amherst.  We can’t keep hiring people who are losers.

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