September 11, 2001, is a Day Which is Burned Forever in the Minds of all Americans.

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September 11, 2001, is a day which is burned forever in the minds of all Americans.

America was attacked by a series of four coordinated terrorists by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The attacks killed 2,996 people, injured over 6,000 others, and caused at least $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage

Our country was drawn together by this monstrous attack. It has been 18 years since the attack and we remember all those people who died as well as all those people who answered the call to help.

America is a great country and the people of America are the greatest of all people. May all those people who died from this attack and those who rushed into this inferno to help remember until the end of time.

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