Stefan Mychajliw Has Excellent People on His Staff. He Doesn’t Need Teresa Fraas

Stefan Mychajliw 2

Rumor has it that Stefan Mychajliw’s Deputy Comptroller- Audit, Teresa Fraas has manufactured information to suit her needs again. Remember her?  She’s the one that deceived a county employee to get into a locked storage room to steal confidential documents, and then told everyone that they were laying out and unsecured.

Apparently, Ms. Fraas, who was highly touted as a CPA, has some troubles with her credentials.

According to sources, Ms. Fraas has a CPA license on file at the NYS Office for the Professions that was issued in April of 1984, but it is currently INACTIVE. Whispers say that Fraas is trying to get the license re-activated. It will be interesting to see if her major role making up the garbage for the disposal tote saga will play against her in doing so.  Ethics (or lack thereof) certainly should have a bearing on it.

The question is, did Fraas lie to Mychajliw or is the Comptroller pulling one over on us in touting her creds? One of the things that definitely needs an audit is the Comptroller’s own “Only the Best and Brightest” program. Been a couple of notable vetting errors there. One has to wonder how long until Mychajliw realizes the credibility of his office continues to be shaken by Ms. Fraas.

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