Supervisor Kulpa Working With the Media

Jan. 31, 2019

Amherst Town Hall

Supervisor Kulpa Working With the Media to Inform the People of Amherst and Williamsville Where to Go For a Safe, Warm Shelter In Bad Weather

The death of Larry, who was homeless, has affected many people throughout Amherst, particularly Williamsville. Larry was known to many people in the area and often helped him out.

Nearly every major town and even small villages make an announcement through radio or television, where to go if you need a warm place to go because of inclement weather.

Supervisor Kulpa has informed the media to announce where in Williamsville and Amherst they can go if they find themselves in need of a warm safe place.  The police station and all the fire stations are open and will let people stay if they need to get out of the cold.

3 Responses to “Supervisor Kulpa Working With the Media”

  1. JOE D. says:

    A little late??
    Already lost one kind soul …an icon along Main st in Williamsville…very upsetting…yet…we import thousands of foreigners, subsidize their living expenses,various numerous taxpayer funded public aid programs, yet we let on of our own …fall thru the cracks!

  2. walt says:

    Why is a picture of the Village Hall and firehouse shown? The Supervisor (once Mayor of the village) hold court two buildings east of here. There must a better picture of his status in front of Town Hall where he has done several photo ops with other higher level politicians including the Lieutenant Governor.