Supervisor to Hold Neighborhood Forums Throughout Amherst

June 16, 2019

Brian J. Kulpa was elected Amherst supervisor in 2017. (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News file photo)
Brian J. Kulpa was elected Amherst supervisor in 2017. 

Amherst Supervisor Brian Kulpa is holding a series of neighborhood forums throughout the town running from later this month through January.

Kulpa wants to meet with property owners, residents and other stakeholders to provide an update on town issues and to get feedback from constituents.

He’s holding nine meetings in various sections of the town. The first is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. June 24 in the Windermere Elementary School auditorium in Eggertsville.
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3 Responses to “Supervisor to Hold Neighborhood Forums Throughout Amherst”

  1. Money Talks says:

    We will see if the Supervisor is really in a proactive mode of asking for input of the Amherst residents as what THEY think should be done in the town OR on a sales tour to get support for what he has already done to justify his actions.

    The smart money is on the later, but maybe he thinks he can sell the former to enough people. Prove me wrong Mr. Supervisor.

    I will listen to his case and even participate in the discussion with the hope he will act more as our elected representative than our lead developer. It is up to him to show us his sincerity, transparency, openness, and inclusive public values.

    I encourage everyone to attend one or more of these sessions and judge for yourself.


  2. Walt says:

    So will the Supervisor’s Chief of Staff be in attendance? What are his duties and has he been visible
    to the various department’s and their employees?

  3. Adam W says:

    I would prefer an actual open planning process with full disclosure, documents and public hearings. These forums are BS.