The Amherst Town Board is missing

Amherst Town Board Councilmembers

For the past 3 months, the Amherst Town board has been working from an undisclosed remote location.  Conducting public business in hiding.  While many of us still work from home, others are back at work and  we can  have lunch on a patio, get a hair cut, as the region begins to reopen.

But, the town board is nowhere to be found.  Their regular monthly meetings are closed to the public apparently contrary to State guidelines that require live stream public viewing if the town chooses to meet virtually.  But the town board aint doin that. What’s worse, the public has been specifically excluded from past meetings upon express ok from the Supervisor.  The Planning Board Chair, looking to finger the supervisor in this nefarious deed says this on the record at the Planning Board meeting, repeatedly. So what gives?

It’s not clear if the town board members go to town hall at all to work.  What is clear is that they conduct the public’s business from their patio or bunker via Zoom and post an edited video a day or so later. Just what are they hiding from?  One member, is actually running a political campaign and is in the  primary for State Senate.  But she’s too busy to  do her current job?

Maybe the board should petition the ZBA for a permit allowing chickens in town hall.  They may not all be hens, but they sure are chickens.

The Amherst Town Board is missing.

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  1. Sam says:

    Thanks to the Amherst Times for revealing what Amherst’s elected officials have chosen to do to negate or silence public input during the pandemic on critical land use (abuse) issues. Not only is it morally and ethically wrong but it is not in keeping with the Governor’s edict.

    We elected these people to serve us, not the Ciminellis of the world. All of this is a result of their work for the past three months? Now that we know how they operate, in the dark, to screw the public, why would anyone trust them, ever? Why would anyone want to go to any of their in-person meetings, ever? Is it any better getting lied to to our faces?

    All the people aiding and abetting this travesty should be fired. That money should go to our police. We know they earn their money and have our backs.

  2. Don Lukas says:

    Remember all that Jackie Berger is running for State Senate and she voted on a newly created $78,000 job about two months ago for the person who is and still currently helping run her senate campaign! Where is the outrage on that? The buffalo news, Amherst bee, no one has covered anything about the shenanigans that this all corrupt democrat town board is doing.
    If you don’t believe me about the job, it’s posted in the minutes on the towns website.

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