The People of Amherst Want a 6 Month Halt of any Development Until Westwood is Settled

Sept. 18, 2019

On Monday night, at the Town Board meeting, I requested the Town Board put in place a ‘no development’ plan for 6 months to a year.

Presently we are trying to buy Westwood property. It will most likely take months to reach an agreement with Westwood.

In the interim, serious development is planned. With development comes the loss of our precious green space including trees, flowers, grass and other gifts Mother Nature blessed Amherst with. What we will find in their place will be a ‘Concrete Jungle’.

To get our Town Board to act on this proposal pressure must be applied by the residents of Amherst. Individuals should call Town Hall at 631-7033 or 631-7034.

People who believe in climate change must understand that Amherst will become a hub for business not a place people can live.

4 Responses to “The People of Amherst Want a 6 Month Halt of any Development Until Westwood is Settled”

  1. Don Luke says:

    That’s what Amherst gets for voting in an architect/planner as supervisor. He creates a $85,000 for Mark Polocarz buddy to be a chief of staff while the “supervisor” runs the planning department. It’s only going to get worse for us residents/tax payers.

  2. Charles says:

    Mr Tricoli’s observation is a valid one. We can control the environment in which we live. Climate is a different story. Last week, the channel 2 meteorologist, Heather Waldman explained that “human activity is causing Earth’s forests to rapidly shrink. Healthy forests are essential to our ecosystem: they produce oxygen and they help scrub out excess atmospheric CO2. Deforestation for the sake of development, farming and industry leads to the loss of 27 soccer fields worth of trees per day.”

    Amherst is and has been a microcosm of destruction of natural resources, not necessarily forests, but woods, trees and wetlands. Amherst has become synonymous with superfluous development. The practice should stop, if only temporarily, as Mr. Tricoli suggested, simply to take stock of what Amherst needs not what developers tell us we need using disingenuous logic and statistics.

    Amherst should not only preserve what is left of verdant land but plant new trees and vegetation to compensate for previous misguided and wrong-headed land use.

  3. Bruce says:

    Mr. Tricoli has been reporting since 1988, according to his site. It is relevant for him to be giving the clarion call about the unbridled development that continues to be allowed in Amherst even after experts have informed the town that Amherst is built out and redevelopment is the operative direction along with protecting green space. Not that expert advice or observation is needed. The only ones crying to build everything, everywhere, destroying the environment in the process, are those blinded by greed, using the old con lingo of lowering taxes.

    All development has come with the promise of lower taxes. It will never happen as long as the IDA passes out millions to developers in credits. Ordinary taxpayers pick up the slack for all the taxes not paid by them. In some cases taxpayers pay more than they do.

    Steven Sanders and Michael Szukala are candidates for Town Board. They have been and are compliant board members on the IDA. Enough said.

  4. Bill says:

    Phil and Bruce raise a legitimate concern about the people we elect, who in turn, choose the people on the IDA, who in turn, service the very developers who are overdeveloping to the point of now having to build on wetlands and green space.

    Hats off to Mr. Tricoli for sounding the alarm and offering a suggestion for rolling back and taking stock of the future development in Amherst that serves all citizens not just the chosen ones akin to “Animal Farm.”

    The basic premise of the IDA has been abused, aided and abetted by its members. Sanders and Szukala are two examples that should not be allowed on the town board, concurrently or not. For what? So they can appoint more bi-partisan members who demonstrably share their “Animal Farm” philosophy and agenda?