This is What Democracy Looks Like

Volunteers hit the streets starting today—the first day of nominating petition circulation in Amherst.

The signatures of registered voters are necessary in order for candidates to appear on the election ballot. Nominating petitions are circulated door-to-door to political party members and gather signatures in order for contenders to qualify. Everybody needs signatures, whether there is a primary or not. The number of signatures required is dependent on what office is being sought.

Starting today, if a volunteer petitioner rings your doorbell, answer it and consider signing your name on a nominating petition or two. You should sign in the same way in which you write your signature when you go to vote. These folks are your friends and neighbors. Signing a petition doesn’t mean you have to vote for them! It doesn’t mean that you are going to get called for jury duty! All candidates need signatures, whether they are an incumbent or a challenger.

So, if somebody comes to your door anytime in the next couple of weeks starting today, please answer the door and give them 5 minutes of your time. This is what democracy looks like.

Thank you.

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