To Postpone or Not To Postpone: An CRITICAL Assessment

Amherst Municipal Building / Amherst Town Hall

Town of Amherst 2020 Property Assessments Process Begins

Our new world of the Corona virus infection/COVID-19 disease has caused the Supervisor to order the cancellation and postponement of many significant functions of town government as part of his “A State of Emergency” powers.

Given that most of us are more concerned for the our own health and safety these days than the activities of the Town of Amherst or the Supervisor, this appears to be a prudent precaution. But in some cases the town continues to operate what it considers critical operations, albeit many times using Zoom video technology.

One of these critical operations the town has already started is our 2020 Property Assessments. It started today at 8 am (May 26th) with a Zoom meeting of the Board of Assessment Review.  Frankly, probably most of us had no idea that it already had begun.

Information about our 2020 Assessments can be found on the town website.


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