Today’s Tokyo Rose – Laura Ingraham

Aug. 11, 2018

Laura Ingraham is a highly paid agent from a foreign country. It can’t be America because her views and opinions are Nazis type views.  She tries to convince the American people that Trump’s views, which hurt so many, are correct. The anti-American views she spews out on her radio show as well as her T.V. show are meant to defend Trump’s irrational acts.

I remember seeing original footage of action of WWII. What really caught my attention was a Japanese woman who was on radio telling the allied soldiers to stop their fighting against Japan, Germany and Italy  She would tell the soldiers they were lied to by their government. She kept this rhetoric going until the end of the war.  “Tokyo Rose” was the voice of the radio airwaves. She was attractive and her voice was pleasant sounding.

Think for a moment.  Who would you would pay more attention to today, a lovely blonde woman or a male reporter? Laura Ingraham is just the woman to attract your attention.

Laura was not important until she landed a job at Fox News. This gave her millions of dollars to lam-blast America, which hundreds of thousands of soldiers and others died for to really make America great. America is not a race, it’s a vision for people who want to come for the America dream.

Laura Ingraham has been blinded by the rejection of men from her past. Now she has the opportunity to attack anyone who is darker than her light shin and blonde hair. Some believe revenge is sweet. Laura may believe the killing of young darker skinned men may bring a smile to her demented heart. Miss Ingraham has three adopted children who are from multi races. With her hatred of dark skinned people why has she adopted children who are multi racial? She is single and never married. This is her choice.

In her private life she has several boyfriends who are darker skinned than her. Since the death of her brother, who had Aids, she now has a deep respect for individuals who are homosexual. Her brother died with dignity and her opinion on homosexuality is now more accepting. She is against same sex marriage but they may have a civil arrangement.

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