Town of Amherst COVID-19 Recovery Task Force

Novel Task Force

The Monday June 8th Town Board meeting contains Resolution 2020-501 initiated by Supervisor Kulpa for the Creation of Town of Amherst COVID-19 Recovery Task Force.


A proactive planning approach to help mitigate the negative economic impacts of COVID-19 is great idea, but a completely open process is a minimum requirement.

The Town of Amherst Emergency Operations Center, Planning Division (a new group created by and reporting to the Supervisor) has  proposed  the creation of the Town of Amherst COVID-19 Recovery Task Force, a subcommittee of the Town Board.

That’s a quite a bunch of bureaucratic sounding Divisions and Task Forces.  It’s clear this is a new economic power group which at present appears to have little public accountability or transparency.  Sure hope the members of the Task Force at least fill out their financial disclosure forms as required by the Town of Amherst Code.

Town of Amherst COVID-19 Recovery Task Force

·            •  Besch, Jeremy (The Park School of Buffalo)
·            •  Baynes, AJ (Amherst Chamber of Commerce)
·            •  Bray, Brian (Town of Amherst Senior Services)
·            •  Ciminelli, Paul (Ciminelli Development)
·            •  Conroy, Christopher (Amherst Resident)
·            •  Knight, Dr. Jason (Buffalo State)
·            •  McMahon, Joe (Town of Amherst)
·            •  Mingoia, Dave (Amherst IDA)
·            •  Nair, Sibu (CHAI)
·            •  Rich, Sara (Hillel Buffalo)
·            •  Stiver, Carrie (Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village)
·            •  Whalen, Dave (Niagara University)
·            •  Winship, Maggie (Town of Amherst Economic Development)

Finally, there will be NO public participation at this Town Board meeting making the TOTAL lack of any public input complete.

5 Responses to “Town of Amherst COVID-19 Recovery Task Force”

  1. Jim says:

    Hysterical that Chris Conroy’s affiliation is Amherst resident. LOL But rather than the COVID19 recovery task force, this looks more like Brian Kulpa staff and groupies.

  2. Phil says:

    More secret Government for the entitled; let’s create paid positions, have luncheons to hold meaningless meetings where there will be no minutes, no public input, no accountability.
    All on the taxpayer.

    This is consistent with holding 4 Town Meeting in 4 weeks during a pandemic – the urgency to conduct business in the dark before a vaccine is found and the public can participate once again is so transparent.

    Whenever a disaster occurs it’s like ringing the dinner bell for 1%. Four stimulus bills so far and the privileged were first in line and received the lion’s share of the stimulus.

    Is this type of legislation going on in Amherst now?

    Who knows when government meets in the dark and the Town Supervisor doesn’t do his job of looking out for the public interest.

  3. Aaron says:

    Recovery Task Force? Why? Looks like town employees never stopped working to pave the way for unpopular Ciminelli land use projects using the distractions of a world-wide pandemic. As always, ignoring everything residents have asked for in respecting their neighborhoods to suck up to millionaires and BBF’s. To think we elected these people and we pay their salaries. Task Force? Nonsense! Just another feel good, we care about you smoke and mirrors job. We judge by acts not words. Amherst deserves more and better.

    Ciminelli and IDA people on the Task Force tells us everything we need to know.
    Recovery efforts should be about the owners of small businesses who are about to lose them, if they have not already, not about catering to vulture capitalists, who, no doubt, will be looking for tax breaks through the criminal IDA that has systematically abused the system.

  4. Phineas says:

    “…and reporting to the Supervisor.” Um no, we have a town board, our elected officials, that sets policy, not the Supervisor. This delusional man thinks he’s a despot. There are laws you have to follow Mr. Kulpa.

  5. Technically this committee is headed by the Director of Economic Development, Maggie Hamilton Winship who reports to Supervisor Brian Kulpa. But that is a distinction without much of a difference given the Supervisor’s well known managerial nature.

    The Town of Amherst COVID-19 Recovery Task Force as a subcommittee of the Town Board, should be required to fill out financial disclosure forms. Chapter 19-6A of the Town Code requires those who within the scope of those specified in this chapter to provide “… a signed, annual disclosure statement within thirty (30) days of taking office.”