Trump Must Be Stopped Bombing At His Will

Jan. 4, 2020

Haunting: Horrifically injured locals are pictured dying on flattened streets strewn with corpses in the western Japanese city only hours after the nuclear bomb, nicknamed 'Little Boy', was dropped
140,000 people were killed after the first bomb was dropped on Japan. Many more died later from radiation-related illnesses. The US exploded a plutonium bomb over Nagasaki. An estimated 74,000 people died by the end of 1945. Little can be done to ease the suffering of the victims who survive the blast.

by James Tricoli,

I love playing chess but I never win. Why? Because I never think ahead to what my opponent will do.  The are several games where you have to think ahead about what the response will be from the other players.

Many countries are frightened about what might happen after President Trump ordered the assassination of Iran’s most important general. Obama could have taken the same action Trump did but he knew what could happen if he ordered this man to be killed.

Trump stands on his bully pulpit and tells the world that any move Iran takes will be met with a military response. Trump doesn’t have any idea of what he did. He acts like he’s a cowboy, shooting from his hip. He employs a mad dog response to countries he feels are threats and can easily be beaten by military action, like a war.

He continues to shout out that America is the strongest military country in the world.  Trump must sit down and watch films of what damage two bombs dropped on Japan in 1945,  did. The first atomic bomb killed 70,000 people, the second killed 90 thousand. These two bombs were babies compared to the destructive power of bombs created since 1945. People who survive these bombs are living with physical and mental pain.

Mr. Trump, could you imagine your flesh peeling off your body? You are insane and blind to the many scars of war these two baby bombs delivered to the people of Japan.

Trump has never been in a war or any conflict where he could see the death of soldiers, their bodies being blown apart. He needs to rein in his trigger finger reactions and allow cooler heads to control his military actions. He’s killing people without permission or acknowledgment of Congress.

When the people of the world go to bed at night after kissing their children are they wondering if morning will come as it did in Iran, where entire families are demolished by a bomb?

Trump’s policy is wrong and he must be stopped. War is never an answer to problems between countries. There are many different ways to solve problems.

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  1. jld5199 says:

    When is your flight to Iran?? Perhaps you should try explaining this to the thousands of innocnt humans’ families..if there any left, that have been wiped off the face of the earth…….appeal to Khomeni and the Iranian leaders how their treatment of their citizens,and other counties, their escalation of their nuclear programs that have only one intended purpose, and explain to the religious leaders how the Kuran depicts death of the infidels…IF YOU GET BACK!

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