Dennis Ward And Jerry Schad Have Done Their Job of Destroying Amherst Democratic Unity

Schad and Ward

Dennis Ward and Jerry Schad have brought down the once credible Amherst Democratic Committee.  These two lost souls will do anything needed to maintain control of their little kingdom against so much truth about them coming to the light.

The dirt/truths being said about these losers will most likely destroy Dennis Ward’s chances of getting a judgeship on our honorable State Supreme Court.

Jerry Schad has repeatedly demonstrated his love of money by accepting jobs which Dennis Ward got for him.  He showed how intense hate for someone, me, clouded his vision and his ability to effectively lead the ADC  by taking down the flag I purchased as a gift for the ADC meeting place.  He actually hid it by placing it on the ground behind his desk.  The ADC hadn’t had an American flag for over 2 years.  When it’s time for the committee members to say the pledge they simply recite these precious words in the air, to an invisible flag.

The ADC have become a splinter group of faithful people who are loyal to Schad and Dennis Ward.  This group of people come to the meetings to be somewhere.  When important matters come up in Amherst they follow whatever the two lost souls of the Amherst Democrats tell them to do and vote they way they are told to vote.  Lost sheep following corrupt shepherds.   So sad.

The ADC is a perfect example of George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm.  That’s where the Pigs and other animal farm’s leaders rule the farm.

May GOD help us to start thinking for ourselves before Amherst goes down the drain.

Written by James Tricoli, Editor of the Amhersttimes. com

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