UBMD 4 story parking garage replaced by small parking lot

500 Maple Rd / UBMD / Variance Site Plan

When Supervisor Kulpa first described the proposed sale of a portion of the Audubon Recreational Complex at 500 Maple Rd to UBMD/Blood & Guts LLC / Audubon Park MOB LLC it featured two major structures,

(1)  a Surgery Center / Medical Office Building, and
(2)  a 4 story 350,000 sq. ft. parking garage.

Supervisor Kulpa “sold” this vision heavily (check any of his Power Point presentations on the subject) to promote the changes needed to the Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan and the rezoning to the 14.91 acres from RC to CF to make the sale possible. The 4 story parking garage was touted as a major element in making the future development of the remaining of the 53 acres of the alienated Audubon Recreation Complex possible.

The changes to the Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan and the rezoning to the 14.91 acres from RC to CF were passed by the Town Board, and this portion of the Audubon Recreational Complex was sold to Bone & Guts LLC.  Mission accomplished by Supervisor Kulpa!

But wait, big 4 story parking garages are expensive, very expensive, and why would UBMD / Bone & Guts LLC / Audubon Park MOB LLC build it? How could they justify the cost? It always raised a red flag in our minds,since it literally made no sense for them to build something they apparently didn’t need.

Well folks guess what, now that town land has been sold to a private developer, that big 4 story parking garage Supervisor Kulpa told us was such a major public benefit is no longer needed!

The variance site plan for 500 Maple Rd now shows a 170,000 sq. ft. Surgery Center / Medical Office building where the 4 story parking garage was on the original concept plan, and now ONLY a smaller than required parking lot needing several area variances by the ZBA is planned.

You can view the Aug 18th ZBA meeting on Zoom
Link:  http://amherstny.iqm2.com/citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=14&ID=2693&Inline=True

3 Responses to “UBMD 4 story parking garage replaced by small parking lot”

  1. Don Lukas says:

    This is your friendly reminder that all ZBA members have been appointed and approved by the Democrats, so they are beholden to kulpa, jerry Schad and no doubt have been given their orders. This whole town needs to be drained. And don’t get me started on Jacque Berger…she’s the most corrupt and unethical person out there

  2. Diogenes Seeking says:

    “…this portion of the Recreational Complex was sold to Bone & Guts LLC. Mission accomplished by Supervisor Kulpa!”

    Respectfully, please fact check the above statement. I know this stuff gets a bit confusing. However, while the rezoning has taken place, it is my understanding that the actual formal sale and exchange of this property has not taken place. One way or the other I would sure like to know what are the facts here.

  3. The Town Board passed Resolution 2020-578 where it states ” the Town Attorney’s Office shall work with the Purchaser and it counsel to ensure that the closing the sale of the Property occurs on or before July 31, 2020.”. There has been no definitive statement that the sale of the property has closed yet. It should have, but frankly the Supervisor/Town Board have lost our trust on this one.

    The ZBA meeting on Aug 18th has item 2020-56 500 Maple Road – Area Variances requesting substantial area and parking zoning variances. According to the ZBA rules only the land owner can request zoning variances to their land.

    The property owner is listed as the “Town of Amherst” on the Area variance application dated July 20, 2020. So we would also like to know what is really going on, who owns the property today, and why is our Supervisor/Town Board apparently acting as an agent for UBMD/Bone & Guts LLC / Audubon Park MOB LLC / Ciminelli Real Estate.

    Why is this probably the most”dirty” deal anyone can ever remember?

    “Mission accomplished” is getting what you want, regardless of the “impediments” in your way. It seems to be working for them now! Regardless of who currently owns this property, the ZBA will hear the variance requests, and probably grant them. Remember variances are attached to the land not the owner.

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