Village Board to hold meeting, work session via Zoom on May 11

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Zoom video conferencing will be used once again for a Village Board meeting with the Trustees working from home.

Comparing how these meetings have changed over the weeks becomes obvious, the Village has apparently adopted the Zoom video conferencing format of the Amherst Town Board meetings.

The Williamsville Village Board will hold its next meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 11, via Zoom, a multi-user video application.

The meeting will be preceded by a 6:30 p.m. work session.

To view the regular meeting agenda, CLICK HERE.

The work session agenda is available by CLICKING HERE.
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4 Responses to “Village Board to hold meeting, work session via Zoom on May 11”

  1. Money Talks says:

    At least the Village of Williamsville Board meeting will be open to the public on Zoom. The Town of Amherst still doesn’t allow that yet! What is the Supervisor Kulpa afraid of?


  2. Jim Lukas says:

    What’s going on is the double speak of the fraud supervisor we have. In the bee today he talks about a hiring freeze and offering a retirement incentive but at the last two town board meetings, the board approved two newly created positions, one for $78,000 and one for $56,000. It would be nice if the bee or buffalo news called him out on that. You know if Barry Weinstein pulled this crap of not allowing the public to speak the crap buffalo news would be all over it.

  3. Jason says:

    Go figure. It is not only Kulpa spending foolishly. The whole of New York has no money: state, counties, towns. Haven’t you heard them begging the Feds for money to bail them out of the the multi-billion dollar deficit they accrued, before Covid-19?
    How that could happen when we pay the highest taxes in the Union?

  4. Lydia says:

    I was shocked to receive notice that town employees are about to rezone the Audubon Golf Course to commercial. It is very sad that while I, along with many others, have lost income, insurance and hope because of Covid-19, the people we elected to represent us are hard at work to take advantage of the crisis and take away our natural, green parklands. Exactly what has been established as the safest and healthiest of environments for everyone.

    The sham meetings to offer an opposing voice is insulting. The same stunt was pulled on the neighborhood with Ciminelli’s Roswell development. Beware. The focus now is the neighborhoods surrounding the Audubon and Westwood. Another Ciminelli production.

    They want development jobs? They can redevelop enormous footprints of empty buildings and parking lots that will increase post Covid-19.

    Parks and nature are of more value now than ever before. It is pathetic that some people are so deficient in understanding and reading the public.