We Need A Rebirth, Says Rath. OK, But How?

The Fall/Winter 2010 Edward A. Rath Report came to my home in November. The report was bland and about as septic as I believe Mr. Rath could make it.

He includes two graphs of our State budget. The graphs are titled, ”Where Your Tax Dollars Go,” and “Where The Dollars Come From.”

He doesn’t explain what the budget says in common sense verbiage so the public can clearly understand what our money actually does and where it actually comes from. I am really interested in the 20% which isn’t mandated by the federal and state government. Who really makes the call on how it is spent?

Who decides how much money is spent and who decides how it is going to be spent? Rath leaves huge holes when sharing what happens with inside dealings among the group who decide where the money is spent.

His report tells us he is against tax increases but he doesn’t mention who does want to raise taxes. Maybe he means his puppet leader Chris Collins. Rath does state that Collins and he worked hard to find areas to tighten the budget but Ed has avoided checking into vendors who we buy things from whose prices are highter than other vendors.

Ed says we must bring high quality jobs to our area but he doesn’t say how we can bring new business to our area. Ed, you have yet to explain how we can bring in new jobs. Our crippled AIDA ┬áhas brought very few jobs into our area so how will you accomplish this feat?

You have not brought in a fresh new face to replace Jim Allen who has been the ineffective Director of the AIDA for 41 years. If you check his record you will discover he has brought in very few jobs. If you ask him how many jobs he has brought into Amherst he can’t answer you because he hasn’t kept records.

Ed, you mentioned there are businesses which want to come here but feel there is too much red tape. We all know that the “red tape” would disappear if the right palms were greased. Albany can change anything that keeps businesses and jobs out of New York. They can, but they don’t.

Ed, you are not a little boy anymore. Go out on your own and learn how you can help our area bring business to Amherst. You might lose some friends but you will earn the respect of the people in your district who need jobs.

If you need advice about how to bring life back to Amherst just ask the right people. Stay away from the old coots.

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