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By Judy Ferraro

A concern for many has always been, and remains of utmost importance, is keeping all of Amherst residents informed as to what a land exchange would be to acquire Westwood. Of equal importance is preserving as much green space, as possible, both on Westwood and the Audubon and protecting surrounding neighborhoods from punitive development.

Apparently, during the world-wide pandemic, while everyone was preoccupied with it, our town was working diligently to put forth the latest iteration and moving the process along swiftly. There was little or no information available to the public. Input from those trying to follow was complicated or ignored.

Now, at the 11th hour, still in a world-wide pandemic, there is a zoom meeting to rezone the people’s parkland to approve something most know nothing about. A medical office building larger than most Super Walmarts with parking for 1000 cars, including a four-story parking ramp.

The disposition of Westwood has been in the public realm since 2012. It is the single most important community project in decades. The solution to the dilemma, therefore, requires public engagement with all information available before any rezoning should be permitted. Covid-19 and a willingness to conduct public hearings without public participation because of it, is unconscionable and shocking.

This proposal is not the solution to making Westwood a park. It is basically what Dr. Weinstein rejected in 2012/13, for good reason.

Westwood and the people’s Audubon parkland development is too critical an endeavor to be moving forward in darkness. There must be other and better solutions.

4 Responses to “WESTWOOD..SWAP OR SWINDLE??”

  1. Phil says:

    Good words Judy.
    It appears that while all of Amherst’s residents were busy trying to cope with the Corona Virus, Police out of control, and the circus in Washington our Amherst Town Board was busy playing “Sim City” with the local Developers again…..

    What did we get? A super office building, a 4 story parking ramp and another hotel within spitting distance of the existing hotel/”visitor center”. Really makes no sense.
    Wasn’t it UB who was telling us that there was no further capacity for additional sewage & drainage?
    And why, with all the land UB owns, does UB have to cross over Millersport and grab public park property?
    As I’ve said before, when all this construction is done the basements of the Frankhauser neighborhood will become holding ponds.

    If anyone shows up at my door with a Petition for Recall of Kulpa I’m signing.

  2. Carmen says:

    The selling off of the public’s Audubon parkland, during a pandemic, using questionable methods, reeks of corruption.

    Is there an attorney that would enlighten the town board of their ignorance by slapping a lawsuit on all of them? They ran on “resident’s first.” Actions speak louder than words. Hiding information and preventing free speech is in direct contradiction of their own words and the law. Using the Covid Virus to hide their deeds is the height of dirty, crooked politics.

    Next time, let’s go for “integrity first.”

    All you Westwood folks you’re getting screwed. Unfortunately, so are the rest of us.

  3. Jim says:


  4. Joe D. says:

    Moral of the story.. er ..swindle here, NEVER trust a politician!
    Kulpa should know better…looks like he has fallen into the typical politician category!