What Are the Political Ads Really Telling You?

Nov. 1, 2018

Good ol‘ boys planning their next move.

If you’ve been paying attention to the ads on television then you’ve seen what politicians with money can do. Their commercials tell what their opponent has done which will hurt the public if they win.

The ‘good ol’ boys’, consisting of Tom Reed, Ray Walter, Micheal Razenhofer and Chris Collins, have put out numerous commercials attacking their political opponents. What they haven’t done is to put out their own platform or even what they plan to do for their constituents.

Some of the good old boy ads, like Reed’s sister, tells the audience watching the ad that she will keep her younger brother, Tom Reed, in line. The ad had no info on what Tom has done for his followers. Then we have Ray Walter’s attack ads against newcomer Karen McMahon which are in left field. Ray has attacked her platform but still never tells what HE will do.

Take a look at this group of ineffective old boys who are sitting in their seats doing little or nothing, but are getting paid the big bucks.  Are they who you really want representing you in office?

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