When Will Mike Szukala, Who is Running for the Amherst Town Board, Tell the People the Whole Truth

Oct. 29, 2019

Mike Szukala

In 2016 the Iskalo representative went before the AmherstIDA requesting tax breaks for a hotel they planned to build. They were given those tax breaks. Later that year they appeared again before the AmherstIDA because they were hit with unexpected cost increases to build their hotel. They wanted additional tax breaks but the AmherstIDA said, ‘no.’ The developer sued the AmherstIDA and Iskalo lost. At the end of this situation Iskalo didn’t receive the additional tax breaks they asked for. This whole affair happened 3 years ago.

When the Willow Ridge Association held its Meet The Candidate night this October, one of the questions Mike Suzkala was asked was to share what he’s done for the Town of Amherst. He stood up, walked in front of the other participants, raised his hands over his head and in a loud voice said he was proud that he stood up to a developer this past year who was going to sue him personally when he said no to the developer’s request.

He wasn’t telling the truth. That didn’t happen this year. He was referring to the Iskalo project when they appeared before the AIDA in 2016.

Mike also wasn’t truthful when he said he was on the Erie County IDA. He was on one of the sub-committees. Mr. Szukala has a bad habit of telling half-truths. When he says he’s for green space, he doesn’t mean land.

2 Responses to “When Will Mike Szukala, Who is Running for the Amherst Town Board, Tell the People the Whole Truth”

  1. Bill says:

    Is this the same guy whose mailers read: “Residents First,” and “Preserve Greenspace?” How can that be true when he has approved millions in tax credits through the AIDA for undeserving developers where his rubber-stamp approval increases the tax burden on these “residents” and their green space, more often than not, gets built on by the same developers?

  2. Peter says:

    Don’t hit Szukala so hard. Sanders is in the same shady league. Both feel entitled to be on the two boards simultaneously, if elected. They are out of touch with the people who see this as a conflict of interest and double dipping into developers pockets. Could be perception, appearances. It is what it is and it matters.

    There is no consideration for the taxpayers who have to absorb the slack. Sanders, who is about saving taxes, rejects the obvious. It is all about the benjamins and the power they derive from being a tool of special interests. It is a racket where the taxpayers invariably lose. Neither one deserves to be on the town board representing the people, in any capacity.